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RE: How do you turn off "snap" feature when drawing shapes?

Josh Manchester Apr 19, 2012 5:28 AM
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This is easy to reproduce.  Just draw a square building.  Start that the top left corner, mark the point.  Go to the top right corner, mark the point.  Go down to the bottom right corner, hold shift to make it a right angle, mark the point.  And finally, go to the bottom left corner, hold shift to make a right angle and observes the line that comes down from the top left corner.


That is the “Snap” feature I’m talking about.  That is what is making it so I can’t use the tool to make nice corners when drawing a building because it forces the marked point to be at the intersection of the first marked point and the last.


In the picture you can see what I’m talking about, it’s circled in red.  When those two guide lines pop up, it will only allow the mark to be placed at the intersection of those two lines.


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Hi Josh,

Sorry, if this has inconvenienced you.

I’m unable to reproduce it here. Could you please post back with the screenshot so that we can investigate this issue better?


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