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Re: Notification - A new bot....that intends to help fix Map Maker - Plus Page inconsistencies

Flash Jul 24, 2012 8:26 AM
Posted in group: General Map Maker

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This will probably calm a few peoples fears; I didn't mention it probably just because I assumed everyone knew.  There is a backline team that normally follows around the biggest bot, the one I call the Places bot.  Just like the team that follow us around, about a week later the changes are looked at by a human and fixed up.  I've already noticed that they were assigned to follow this bot around; I've seen dozens of examples already of anonymous GRs editing POIs about 4-5 days after this bot.  Examples of their work would be that if Places had two names that got imported, overwriting what MM had, and only one was appropriate, they delete the other one.  That change then gets sent back to the Places database also and removes the name once and for all from both databases.