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Re: Notification - A new bot....that intends to help fix Map Maker - Plus Page inconsistencies

Drift74 Jul 24, 2012 5:41 AM
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Hi Geoff

I like that approval idea

On Tuesday, 24 July 2012 14:29:27 UTC+2, gzub wrote:

Now that the large "sync" is done, any subsequent changes should be directly related to a user editing their places page correct?

If that is the case, can't we have the edits that Map Maker Sync does from here on require approval?  The volume should not be that high and it will allow GRs and RERs to make sure that any changes are according to map maker standards and valid...

Also at this point would it be worth while changing the name to Google+ Local Sync so map maker users can understand the source of change from here out (assuming these are all from places -- if not I would suggest you have a separate bot for each source)


On Tuesday, July 24, 2012 12:15:01 AM UTC-4, Jayanth Mysore wrote:
Hi MEM -

First sorry for this damage. The mapmaker syncer, unlike other periodic bots, will not be running over and over again. It was a one-time sync - there may be a few subsequent rounds, but at a far reduced scale to account for some race conditions/other factors in keeping two large DBs in sync. So for one, you should not have to worry about having to "stop it". It must have stopped on its own for the most part.

Secondly, as I had explained, all it has done is to synchronize information in the Map Maker DB with what the Plus Page uses. The data that resides in the latter comes from a few sources - including business owners or agencies that a business owner may use and data feeds. We have used a set of rules to make what we thought are the "most logical" decisions to make based on the attribute, source of the edit, trust worthiness of the source  - now when you consider the size of the data sets involved, no matter how sophisticated these decision engines are, there are bound to be cases when the decision made indeed does not match reality....or at least, when you try to accomplish this within a reasonable time frame, at some point it begins to look like on the margin, additional effort is unlikely to produce correspondingly better results. 

It is at that point of the optimization cycle that we said the syncer works "well enough" and ran it. I am very sorry that your edits are part of the set that have been  negatively impacted. The syncer has impacted a very large volume of edits in Map Maker, and so far, thankfully the level of regression has been controlled. I will personally monitor this thread and let my team know as I hear issues that look like symptoms of a problem.

This is one among a group of what I might call big changes we are making to get the several large data sets that Map Maker exposes to operate within the correct framework  to make map editing become more sane (first step), efficient and enjoyable. Core elements of the framework - which data sources ACROSS Google Maps (not just Map Maker users) should we trust more than whom, how to keep data sets in sync, how to increase the odds of an edit (no matter where this edit comes from) getting applied on the correct feature etc. are all getting tuned.

I feel morally comfortable telling you that things will get better and thank you for your patience.

- Jayanth

Jayanth P. Mysore | Product Manager | | 

On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 2:03 AM, General Map Maker on behalf of MEM <> wrote:

This bot is simply terrible.  It's undone a great deal of work I've done within the past six months.  Is there any way to turn it off, or prevent it from negatively affecting any Local Page I've edited?  I have yet to see the Syncer do any good... I am in hot water right now because of this and am very upset.


On Monday, July 16, 2012 11:08:10 PM UTC-5, Jayanth Mysore wrote:
Hi all -

Earlier today, I posted a couple of announcements to give you all a heads up on some changes that you should see in the product. I am starting two threads in the discussion forum to enable discussions on these.

The first of these is regarding a major effort we have been working on to synchronize different data sets in our systems with the ultimate goal of data flowing between then faster, more frequently and reliably.

Please discuss any thoughts, questions, observations here.

Jayanth, Product Manager on behalf of the Map Maker team

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