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Re: Notification - A new bot....that intends to help fix Map Maker - Plus Page inconsistencies

Jabran Rafique Jul 18, 2012 7:35 AM
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Hi Jayanth

Adding to Richard's comments here:

It may be great to have a small toggled window in GMM which only lists the latest 4-5 announcements with link to complete announcement. It would be helpful for users who are subscribed to Announcement forum or miss it for some other reasons. Thanks.


On Wednesday, 18 July 2012 14:39:07 UTC+1, rjhintz wrote:
Hi Jayanth,
  MapMaker Syncer is causing some concern with mappers outside North America who typically don't read the general forums and whose first language isn't English.  See, for example, the discussions in the Facebook Mapping in Pakistan group.

Is there some writeup of the workflow for the interaction of MapMaker and other Google products, especially if a change is made in MapMaker and not someplace else?  I believe many, perhaps most, business changes outside North America are typically made in MapMaker only.  Having them reverted by MapMaker Syncer is dissuading people from trusting the process.  

Frankly I have no idea how properly to map a business anywhere anymore.  I do it in Mapmaker and hope for the best.