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Re: Notification - A new bot....that intends to help fix Map Maker - Plus Page inconsistencies

blissfulight Jul 27, 2012 8:53 PM
Posted in group: General Map Maker

Categories: General Mapping :

Can you look at the category for Locksmith in the US?  Many previously deleted spammy POIs are resurfacing with the MM Sync bot.  Also, it would help if the Google Places Reviewers would actually act on Report A Problem reports for Locksmiths instead of just ignoring them.  They're mostly responsive to removing other spammy categories, but they seem unwilling or unable to respond to those reports.  Most of the POIs that are reported are transparently spammy, and can be easily verified...I've provided numerous resources to do so, many of them are old spam POIs that resurfaced and contain spammy names, and they have no visible location on street view (despite having a service type address).  All of those are pretty easy ways to identify them as spam, provided that the Google Places Review team does something about it.  Additionally, if something is identified as spam on the Place page and has already been deleted in MM, can the Google Places Reviewers re-delete, or if it's marked as closed, mark it for removal as spam?  I keep getting reports back with no action taken in those instances, regardless of what category they're under (tow service, locksmith, etc.).  Finally, are Google Places Reviewers looking at the internal spam sheets, or is it just MM Reviewers?  If the Google Places Reviewers have additional tools at their disposal to remove spammy Place pages, there are thousands of spammy locksmith POIs that are waiting for action.