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Why aren't local closing times used?

Daniel May 9, 2012 1:11 AM
Posted in group: Google Finance
Hi Google Finance, 

I wonder why the local closing times on stocks and indexes aren't taken into consideration when displaying stock information?

I am using Google Finance UK and it's a brand new day here with stock markets opened about an hour ago. The information about for example the swedish index OMXSPI is misleading as you are basing the change on closing values two days ago. Look at the enclosed picture. It's May 9, but you are still comparing changes to the closing values of May 7. What happened with comparing to the closing values of May 8?. 

This makes Google Finance unusable and misleading for anybody interested in other than US stock and indexes. I presume it's corrected when you guys decides when the markets have opened.

What is your answer to this?