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GoogleFinance("BSBR"; "highest price"; "since") function in Google Spreadsheets

Chavadam Jul 16, 2012 8:51 AM
Posted in group: Google Finance
Good day, Karolina.
I disagree that Google Finance APIs and Tools will be shut down in October 2012, and certainly for the given reason. Please, Google, do the reverse: improve and extend this APIs and tools, just because we ask to do so (hum !).
GoogleFinance()<> function ? Thank you although, Google's decision-makers.
Q1) May we hope to have the following, a s a p ?
GoogleFinance("BSBR"; "highest price"; "since")
'since' being the datum since we bought ot sold the stock.
Of course, "lowest price" also.
Q2) What the way to copy progrmmatically cells data (of a google spreadsheet) into a locally opened spreadsheet ( Calc or MS Excel) ? gdata API ?
Thanks a lot