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Re: test user accounts?

Hernán Bazán Oct 14, 2011 11:02 AM
Posted in group: Google Federated Login API
We are having a similar issue.
Google is asking a phone number for validation on fake users...

On Oct 13, 10:04 am, sito <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We need to allow Google users to access our site via the use of the
> Federated login API.
> And to test this functionality and discover at the earliest if
> anything has broken at our end, we would like to have automated
> regression testing scripts which run at least once a day.
> However, we are faced with a quandary at this stage. If we manually
> create "real" Google IDs, then those are marked by Google as having
> "suspicious activity". And Google stops us from creating any more IDs.
> Although we are not doing any activity other than logging in via a
> Google ID for these test accounts.
> Do others face this problem? What is the "correct" way to test this
> feature as per Google? Does Google provide an API like what Facebook
> provides ( specifically
> for testers to perform their tests without being marked for abuse. We
> do not need access to gmail etc. All we need is the ability to perform
> authentication and basic data fetch for test users.
> I see that Google provides "sandbox" environment for some of its
> products. Is there one for testing federated login as well? Ideally we
> would need an API to create a test account and do the login activity,
> after which we would delete the account right away.
> Any advice / pointers are appreciated !
> Regards,
> Siddharth