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Data retrieval using 2 Legged Oauth from Google Apps

Girish Jadhav Apr 24, 2012 11:32 AM
Posted in group: Google Apps Domain Information and Management APIs

I want to retrieve the following data from Google Apps using 2 legged Oauth. 

1. Retrieve the Users meta data (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Last Login information,is Account suspended, Admin privileges to this user , Organization hierarchy etc..)
2. Retrieve the permissions on Documents, Sites,Third Party Services , the control panel (Admin roles granted to users on control panel).
3.Retrieve Audit logs of users performing actions on google apps.

I am able to retrieve Users information via Users Provisioning API. 

I am also able to retrieve Documents and sites through some workarounds from the google DocumentList API and Google Sites API. Workaround is that, I could not get the list of Documents in Google Apps directly. How ever I can get the information of which user has what permissions on what documents or sites. Using This I am able to derive the List of Documents in Google Apps.

Are these the only API's that give me Users, Documents and Sites meta data via 2 Legged Oauth authentication?
I am still not able to get the Organization unit hierarchy, permissions on third party services, Permissions on Control Panel Tabs, Admin / Super Admin roles granted to users and Audit Logs.

Can someone pls direct me what API's to use to retrieve the data required? Thanks in advance.