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Re: The Amazing Story Of Appengine And The Two Orders Of Magnitude

johnP Sep 3, 2011 8:23 AM
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Which leads to a potential constructive suggestion.  Maybe Goog can
post a troubleshooting guide that lists different line-items in the
new-style billing, and potential gotchas?  An example in your blog is
that sudden parallelism is costly and that making things serial is a
good optimization.  (Ironically, the opposite of what was being
promoted earlier - mapreduce).  Another factoid is that offset queries
are costly.  Using queries as a generator is costly, and you should
fetch items at once.

So it can look like this:

Excessive instances cost?  Look at these items:
  - sudden parallelism
  - idle instance setting
  - decrease response time
  - other?

Excessive writes:
  - decrease unneeded indexes

Excessive Reads:
  - make sure your fetch() rather than looping through results
  - check offset queries
  - etc...

On Sep 3, 4:36 am, peterk <> wrote:
> Very good read, thanks for posting. Will definitely be curious to see
> how your changes improve things or otherwise.
> On Sep 3, 11:16 am, Emlyn <> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I don't think I've posted here before, but I've been an appengine user
> > for a while now (closing on 2 years? Is that even possible?). And like
> > many, I had a rude shock with the new pricing (going from $0.50/day to
> > $50/day).
> > However, I dug into what I'm actually being charged for, and I think
> > it's all actually in my control to sort out, and that in itself is
> > sort of fascinating. I wrote a long blog post on this, which people
> > might find interesting.
> > The Amazing Story Of Appengine And The Two Orders Of Magnitude
> > I'd be really grateful for feedback, especially if I've gotten
> > anything wildly wrong. I haven't actually made any of the changes that
> > I've foreshadowed in the post, that's for the next day or two, and
> > I'll write a followup article on how it goes.
> > Thanks in advance for having a look!
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