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Re: Account Feed on Management API JavaScript seems broken...

Jeetendra Feb 7, 2012 6:18 PM
Posted in group: google-analytics-management-api

You're trying to access an older version of Mgmt API, which was
deprecated in Aug 2011 and was turned off recently. Since August, we
have sent out a number of reminders that XML requests for the older
versions will automatically receive v2.4 responses, and that
JavaScript client libraries will stop working since they rely on the
older JSON response, which is no longer supported. We have added a
completely new JSON output in version 3.0 and it supports new JS
client libraries as well. We would recommend that you start using the
newer version of the API -- either v2.4 (XML) or v3.0 (JSON).

Here's the group that you should subscribe to for announcements
related to the API.


On Feb 7, 6:01 am, Shay Sharon <> wrote:
> Few weeks ago I've noticed that I get a 404 Not Found result for the Account
> Feed<>call:
> POST Found)
> I could not find anything about a change in the API. In fact, many of the
> resources I used in the past are gone (for example, this page<> or
> this page<>)
> from Google Servers.
> The very few applications I found that are using the Management JS
> API (like this sample<>) are
> broken as well...
> Any idea what is going on? I wish I could at least find some kind of
> information about it. It looks like the whole project (Management API
> JavaScript) was abandoned completely...