Re: Various issues experienced these days

Quentin Caron Apr 3, 2012 8:47 AM
Posted in group: google-analytics-data-export-api

I do not get any 503 Quota exceeded error, my software just keeps waiting for something from the GA servers and was working fine yesterday...

Le mardi 3 avril 2012 14:17:42 UTC+2, Quentin Caron a écrit :
Hello everybody

I've been experiencing quite a lot of SSL handshake errors the 2 previous days using my software to access GA data.
I am using Python 2.7 and GA API v2.4. Does anyone knows why the authentication could fail so often?

Moreover, the GA query explorer tool seems a bit slow today. Some of my queries seem to wait endlessly for an answer for the GA servers, could this be related?