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Re: [golang-nz] Re: Welcome to GoLang NZ

Andrew Chilton Aug 21, 2011 12:13 AM
Posted in group: golang-nz
Hi Daniel,

On 21 August 2011 12:24, Daniel Smith <> wrote:
> There's a few of us here @ Weta ( who'd definitely be keen
> to come.

That's great news! :) Always happy to see that there is more than just
a few of us here having a play with it.

> We've got some relatively basic go code running in cron tasks and small
> utility commands like that out in production but we do have some much bigger
> stuff that we're working on at the moment all in Go.

Ooh excellent. It's always good to have people running things in
anger. I figure the first few months we'll all be learning off each
other and then learning more specific things as time goes on.

On a different note, I did 6 months at Weta in a dim and distant past
so it's quite interesting to hear how things are changing over there.
Let's face it, with that many machines communication and concurrency
are what it's all about and we all know that Go does both of these
things quite easily. :) Sounds like a perfect match.

> Kudos for starting the group!

Not a problem, in fact I'm really enjoying it and we haven't even had
our first meeting yet.


Andrew Chilton
p: +64 21 891 681