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Go 1.1 Release Candidate 2 released

Andrew Gerrand May 6, 2013 8:21 PM
Posted in group: golang-nuts
Hi Go nuts,

We have just released go1.1rc2, a release candidate for Go 1.1.

This release candidate should be stable and production-ready, but please exercise caution when deploying it to critical systems.

Please help us by testing your Go programs with the new tool chain and libraries, and report any problems using the issue tracker:

You can download binary and source distributions from the usual place:

To compile from source, update to the go1.1rc2 tag with "hg update go1.1rc2" and build as usual.

To find out what has changed, read the release notes for Go 1.1:

Documentation for Go 1.1 is available at

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the release so far.