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Re: Proposal: Open source Bittorrent Sync clone in Go

Starfish Jan 28, 2014 9:08 AM
Posted in group: golang-nuts
I experienced something that made me believe Bittorrent is indeed working with the NSA.

A while back I posted a thread on their forum:

There were many threads in the forum, and most received comments from Bittorrent staff. My thread was among the most read, but no answer.

After a some weeks I went back and gave the thread a bump. A while later the thread was deleted; none of my other threads were.

On Wednesday, June 12, 2013 3:43:05 PM UTC+2, Mark Theunissen wrote:
Is anyone interested in collaborating on an open-source clone of the Bittorrent Sync[1] application, or perhaps know of any existing efforts to do this? Go seems like an excellent language choice for this technology.

With the recent revelations of PRISM and NSA spying, people will be looking for ways to share data without handing it over to third-parties or central servers. Bittorrent Sync uses the very resilient torrent protocol in a novel way, similar to Dropbox. It allows users to share entire folders both in read-write mode and read-only mode, by distributing keys that must be similar to magnet links in some way. They claim the application provides full privacy. However, since neither the application nor the protocol is open source, and there are no plans for open-sourcing it[2], we can never really be sure.  

We've hacked together a proof-of-concept distributed social network that uses JSON files and Bittorrent Sync as it's backend, called Vole[3]. It's written in Go + Ember.js, works great and is open source. The problem is that it doesn't actually integrate with the sync app, meaning that manual steps are required to use it. But it's a good demo of what may be possible when we turn the server model upside down: a really simple to use network that feels like all the existing web apps but is self-controlled and decentralized. I believe that a distributed network that uses the torrent protocol and only requires "dumb" tracker servers is a better solution than other approaches to this problem.

Feedback or ideas welcome, I'll post here again if we decide to pursue an implementation of this.

- Mark