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Re: Go Meetup mid-March?

John Barham Feb 23, 2011 10:55 PM
Posted in group: Goannas
> Would anyone else care to share their Go experiences?

I'm in Adelaide, but would consider scheduling a trip to Sydney to
coincide w/ a Go user group meeting.  If I could make it, I could talk
about my experience writing a cgo Go wrapper for PostgreSQL
( and I'm also working on a larger
project exposing a bunch of Amazon Web Services (e.g., S3, SQS,
SimpleDB) to Go (  Anyway, I'd need a
few days to determine whether I could make it out to Sydney for


P.S. It may be a long-shot but are there any other Go fans here in
Adelaide?  If so, contact me as I'd love to talk shop in this Ada
dominated town! ;)