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Re: 2 articles on the problems of emacswiki

Xah Lee Mar 21, 2012 5:46 AM
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On Mar 20, 3:32 pm, Alex Schroeder <> wrote:
> My answer remains the same… Just like in 2008, it's easy to complain and harder to do stuff. Just do it!

just want to say thank you Alex for the work.

i just read your blog about this now, one item you mentioned is:

“Assemble a team of moderators.” Indeed. Moderators! Where have you
been hiding for the last ten years! Are you volunteering? I’m a bit
wary regarding your deletionist tendencies. ...

that's a issue Alex. Your mindset matters a lot. People like me or
BozhidarBatsov couldn't just come in and start clean it up, because
that's not the convention there, and the random tips/chats will just
be added back sooner or later.

we've discussed this before. What's wrong with the wikipedia model? If
the wiki guide is set to something like wikipedia, to generate a
coherent article, wouldn't that improve emacswiki?