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Re: [GNOME Do] Something to think about for gnome-do

Robert Dyer Dec 3, 2010 10:43 AM
Posted in group: GNOME Do
On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 10:32 AM, Sean Dague <> wrote:
> I played around with kupfer and synapse yesterday just to see what else is
> going on in the awesome launcher space.  Synapse was pretty uninteresting
> because it has so few integration points to other things.
> Kupfer was more interesting, especially with one action that bubbled to the
> top, which was "Go to".  To explain, if I don't have firefox running and I
> type "fi" it would suggest "Run".  But if I did have it running it would
> suggest "Go to".  The go to actions seemed pinned to the top, though I
> didn't experiment for too long.

This is already possible in Do.  Just has a different name.

Enable the Window Manager plugin in preferences.  Then you can see new
actions for launchers (that it can match), one of which is 'Focus'.

> This was a really great feature, and I'm curious how hard it would be to do
> with the existing do infrastructure.  Can an action have priority over
> others?  Can we filter out command start for applications that are already
> running (or at least lower the priority)?
>        -Sean

I don't think it can give higher/lower priorities to Run and Focus
based on if the app is running.  It definitely doesn't do that now,
but I am not sure it even could do that.  At any rate you can type
'firefox' <tab> 'focus' and get it.

- Rob