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Git gone :(

Paul Hollyer Apr 10, 2012 5:35 AM
Posted in group: Git for human beings

I have a Centos5 server, with a number of repos set up to upload work to. I have come in to work this morning, having pushed updates to the server a few days ago, Easter Friday, and not touched the server since.

When I tried to push work this morning, I got an error saying:

git-receive-pack: command not found

I ssh'd into my server to find that git is not found.

I have now tried to re-install git again from the original downloaded tar.gz - I ran ./configure, make and make install - no errors reported, but still git is not found.

Obviously I am no sysadmin - I am doing a CS Degree with OU, and learning what I can when I can - so any help from the anyone out there would be greatly appreciated - I need git badly.

Thanks in advance