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Re: [GGAFL GoogleGroup] Slippery Balls Training Wednesday

noam.scott615 Apr 11, 2012 9:13 AM
Posted in group: GGAFL
I get back from Miami tonight. Won't make training unfortunately. I'm up for a kick anytime this wknd. Make sure to bring Chyna a towel so he can Dry off his slippery balls

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On Apr 11, 2012, at 11:24 AM, Chyna <> wrote:

> Glad that got your attention!...especially JP, Kennedy, ChrissyO,
> Merry, Ricky Booby, Stamo, Noamo, Uppers and you other slack asses. We
> had 20 people last week with over 10 regulars missing. Get back on the
> bandwagon cause it's going to be a ripper year.
> Looks like we will have a break in the weather but it's perfect footy
> weather anyway.
> What: Training is ON
> Where: Fort mason (Bay & Laguna)
> When: Tonight at 5:30/6pm
> Who: EVERYONE is welcome.
> Bring: Beer. We had excellent numbers last week but beer numbers where
> disappointing.
> Bring: A football, cleats, water & extra clothes.
> Chyna
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