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Bars series with value domain axis is not supported

Zhao Jun May 12, 2012 11:48 AM
Posted in group: GA-easy-dash-feedback
This is because a bug here, you will have to add chartType to make this work. Can you open source this so I can just fix it? 

gadash.Chart.prototype.defaultOnSuccess = function(resp) {
  var dataTable = gadash.util.getDataTable(resp, this.config.type);
  var chart = gadash.util.getChart(this.config.divContainer, this.config.type);
  gadash.util.draw(chart, dataTable, this.config.chartOptions);

Also there is another bug here, the code commented out does not work when gapi.client is not defined
gadash.Chart.prototype.render = function() {

  // If the client library has loaded.
  //if ( {
  if (gapi.client) {
  } else {
    var renderFunction = gadash.util.bindMethod(this, this.renderFunction);

  return this;