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Re: [fubumvc] Re: Blogs, Guides, and Docs

smerrell Jun 26, 2011 11:01 PM
Posted in group: FubuMVC Development Group
Yes, Chad's blog posts have been awesome! I've learned quite a bit I
didn't know about Fubu. Thanks Chad for the awesome work!

As for the discussion for documenting Fubu, Jeremy has made some good
strides on the wiki for sure. If we get stuck on what / how to
Fubu, I've always found that Django has some really awesome
documentation It is laid out
really well and
could provide some good pointers.

Another thing that would be good to try and get some notes or docs
from people new to Fubu. What sorts of things are they struggling
with, and what
could we do to help make starting with Fubu easier?

And on a final note, this presentation by Adrian Holovaty of Django
Fame, is awesome: