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Re: Exploring Venues for a category/section

robb1e Nov 12, 2011 8:43 AM
Posted in group: Foursquare API
I don't know anything about 'section', but you can use a categoryId in
the query string to filter by categories.  Some categories have parent
categories, i.e. 'Pub' has a parent of 'Nightlife'.


Hope that helps


On Nov 12, 2:36 am, 4sqnoob <> wrote:
> I want to display nearby venues under section food  with search string
> as cafe. So is below the right URL?
> venues/explore?ll=40.7,-74&section=food&radius=800.00&query=cafe
> Now if that is the case what are all the possible values parameter
> "section" takes?
> Is section a broad term for category?
> If I did use category I see that passing categoryId in search shows as
> experimental in the documentation.
> I just want to know if I am in the right track to display venues of a
> particular type/section/category.
> my categories are broad such as food, arts, nightlife, service etc.
> Appreciate a detailed response rather than one liners.