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Developer forum moving to StackOverflow: now announcement-only.

Akshay Patil Nov 16, 2011 3:38 PM
Posted in group: Foursquare API

Foursquare's developer community has grown in leaps and bounds since Naveen first started telling people the various API endpoints he was creating for features in the app he and Dennis were building. This Google Group has been around for pretty much the entire ride, but as of late we've started really hitting the limits of using such a light-weight tool for managing a developer community well over 10,000 strong.

I've decided to move our developer forum off of this mailing list and on to StackOverflow, where I'm convinced all of you will get more timely and relevant help for your questions from not just each other, but the large number of developers who regularly participate on the site. I'll still be monitoring and answering questions (trying to get my reputation score up!) but hopefully the new format will encourage greater participation by all members of the community.

This mailing list,, will become an announcements-only mailing list focusing on upcoming changes to the API, developer events, etc. Messages you send to foursquare-api@ will still end up in the team platform inbox (we imagine that it will still remain a mechanism for feedback) but the messages will no longer be public and we won't be officially supporting those e-mails (so you may not always hear back from us).

See you in the overflow!

Akshay Patil / Foursquare Platform Evangelist
@akdotcom / @foursquareapi