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eLibrary deployed @ Samaj Sudhar Seconday School, Bhaktapur

Narayan Sundar Sonepa Mar 31, 2012 10:03 AM
Posted in group: FOSS Nepal
Dear all,

A team of KUinas deployed eLibrary at Samaj Sudhar Secondary School, Bhaktapur today. The computers were donated by UNDP. The network switch was provided by KU Open Source Community (KUOSC) along with the technical support.

Er. Sajish Silpakar and Er. Bhushan Kayastha, the graduates from Kathmandu University also joined the cause. Er. Rajendra ji from UNDP has promised to extend the site by providing more computers.

Thanks to Help Nepal Network for the coordination and overall support.

Narayan Sundar Sonepa,
KU Open Source Community (KUOSC),
Help Nepal Network