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Re: Log Weight API Invalid Signature

Pavel Risenberg May 7, 2012 3:01 AM
Posted in group: Fitbit API
Hi Atlus,

Yes, it seems like the problem might have been with the encoding of the POST parameter string. Though common url encoding for them should work. Thanks a lot for heads up – API documentation updated, sorry we missed that!

– Pavel

On Monday, May 7, 2012 12:48:04 PM UTC+4, Atlus wrote:
A few things...
1) The API for says to give time in HH:mm but it really wants HH:mm:ss, I think the Log-Body-Fat is probably in the same documentation boat.
2) I found out the reason time was failing for me was because I wasn't encoding the time correctly, I will need to figure out how which part of my oauth code is going wrong and fix it but this amazing tool helped me debug the invalid signature click the "create your own" radio button and it feels like magic but its more like I need to fully read the manual because I missed a step somewhere.