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Re: Getting only Tracker Statistics

Manoj Mohan May 9, 2012 9:57 PM
Posted in group: Fitbit API
Seems like I have found it. Checked the Java client API files in the class TimeSeriesResourceType and found some tracker specific enum values that seem usable.

On Tuesday, May 8, 2012 3:30:56 PM UTC+5:30, Manoj Mohan wrote:

Hi all,

I am developing a fitbit based app that needs only the info submitted/synced from the tracker to build it's data set. I am using the Fitbit Java client to access fitbit data.

Firstly is there a field in Activities that would give me the Steps/Calories etc that were logged by tracker only. This should not include any manually logged steps/calories by the user.
Secondly if No ...  I am assuming that a query for say Activities, the no of steps that we get in the summary is a sum of tracker logged steps + the steps manually logged by a user through the website. Am i correct in this assumption ?

If yes ... The reason I am asking this is because while playing with the data through Fitbit Explorer, I found some inconsistent scenarios.

Case 1 : I have manually logged an Activity('Walking') and there are no steps that were collected by the tracker. While querying in this scenario, I found that while the ActivityLog had my entry for Walking, the Activities summary for  Steps had the same value as in the Walking Activity Log for steps. So i came to the conclusion this step value might be manually logged + tracker logged. Since tracker logged steps were 0, the sum reflected what i had in my Walking Log.

Case 2: I had both manually logged and tracker logged steps data. However the Activities summary for Steps doesn't reflect the sum of tracker + manually logged steps.

Case 3: I have no manually logged entries. Only tracker generated ones. However, the tracker does not specifically list activities like those that were manually logged. So i am assuming the the value in Actvities Summary have to be the ones that were sent through the tracker.

So earlier while it looked like Summary would contain manually logged + tracker generated, the case 2 contradicts this view. Can anybody help me in getting some clarification here.

Manoj Mohan