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Favicons and SimplePie 1.1.3

Saul Dec 24, 2008 9:36 AM
Posted in group: Feed on Feeds Hackers
Feed on Feeds (which is just perfect for me) was having some problems
parsing some of my feeds, so I did a drop-in update of SimplePie 1.1.3
just to see of that would help. To my delight, it was just a drop in
and it did help, parsing pretty much everything.

There is one small cosmetic problem, though. favicons have stopped
working, and Feed on Feeds just displays the generic icon for all
feeds. I'm not a php hacker - though I can read it fairly well - but I
can't see what has changed in terms of external interface.

If anyone else has found their way through this, or can give some
insight into SimplePie favicon handling, I'd appreciate it.

 - Saul