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Re: printf style debugging question

jeremyosborne Feb 20, 2012 5:36 PM
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Sorry for the confusion. I was/am editing the python files, and am
just not able to get print statements to show up in my terminal window
from where I'm running the game.

However, I am able to see my log messages in portal.log now, and tail -
f is working. I'm sure I'll figure out what I did wrong with the print
statements, but as long as I have log statements and know where I can
find them, I'm good.


On Feb 20, 2:39 pm, Griatch Art <> wrote:
> Rereading your question, I might have misunderstood. If you are editing the
> python files in the web folder, reloading the server should normally be
> enough, but it might (if you are dealing with things that use the portal
> such as the webclient interface) to do a full restart with ./evennis stop
> followed by evennia -i start. Python print statements will appear in your
> console if you use evennia -i start (they are lost otherwise). Logger will
> log to console or to log files depending on how the server was started.
> There is no caching going on between server runs.
> .
> Griatch