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Re: Etsy API Planned Downtime this Friday, Oct 14

Nicole Oct 14, 2011 6:50 AM
Posted in group: Etsy API
To look on the bright side, at least this gives all of us the chance
to fully test our apps for the 503 case ;)

Just a question on this maintenance, as this is being done on a Friday
afternoon, is there going to be members of the API team available for
updates over the weekend should something not go to plan (fingers
crossed it doesn't, but you never know)?

On Oct 12, 6:23 pm, Justin Kerr Sheckler <> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> We need to bring the API down for some maintenance this Friday, Oct 14, from
> 2pm-4pm EDT (18:00-20:00 UTC). During the maintenance window, all API call
> will return "HTTP 503 Service Unavailable". At the end of the two-hour
> window, service will return as normal.
> We apologize in advance for the outage, and we hope to keep these
> interruptions as brief and as seldom as possible.
> thanks for your understanding,
> Justin Kerr Sheckler
> Developer API Lead