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Re: encuestame installation

Dario Novakovic Apr 1, 2012 4:20 PM
Posted in group: encuestame
I downloaded latest source from github and built it myself, when i go to encuesta home page, it says v 1.144.

Database is mysql 5.5.9 and it works OK, no errors in the log.

It must be something to do with dojo, but i didn't see any errors in the firebug. I tried installing dojo by manually extracting dojo distribution to resource/js but it didn't help. (I cant run on windows)

I also tried extracting  dojo-src to dojo folder and running build but i get this:

[java] clean:  Deleting: D:/work/encuestame/src/encuestame-war/target/dojo-compiled/dojo
[java] release:  Using profile: D:\work\encuestame\src\encuestame-war/src/main/webapp/resource/js/encuestame.profile.js
[java] release:  Using version number: 1.6.0 for the release.
[java] release:  Deleting: D:/work/encuestame/src/encuestame-war/target/dojo-compiled/dojo
[java] release:  Copying: ../../dojo/../../encuestame-war/src/main/webapp/resource/js/encuestame to: D:/work/encuestame/src/encuestame-war/target/dojo-compiled/dojo/encuestame
[java] release:  Copying: ../../dojo/../dijit to: D:/work/encuestame/src/encuestame-war/target/dojo-compiled/dojo/dijit
[java] release:  Copying: ../../dojo/../dojox to: D:/work/encuestame/src/encuestame-war/target/dojo-compiled/dojo/dojox
[java] release:  Copying: ../../dojo/../../encuestame-war/src/main/webapp/resource/js/org to: D:/work/encuestame/src/encuestame-war/target/dojo-compiled/dojo/org
[java] release:   ********** Not Copied: ../../dojo/../../encuestame-war/src/main/webapp/resource/js/org
[java] release:  Copying: ../../dojo to: D:/work/encuestame/src/encuestame-war/target/dojo-compiled/dojo/dojo
[java] release:  Building dojo.js and layer files
[java] error loading uri: D:/work/encuestame/src/encuestame-war/target/dojo-compiled/dojo/encuestame/org/activity/Activity.js, exception: Error: Could not load 'dojox.cometd.reload'; last tried 'D:/work/encuestame/src/encuestame-war/target/dojo-compiled/dojo/dojox/cometd/reload.js'

Why dojo isn't distributed with encuestame? Can you please let me know what needs to be in the resource/js directory? How do I "replace" comet?