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Re: [Elgg development] Web Services and iOS Latest

Alex_wang Mar 30, 2012 8:56 AM
Posted in group: Elgg development
elgg for iOS.
That is a good idea.
I like to do something for that

2012/3/28 Mark Harding <>:
> Hi All,
> I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed to what stage I am at with the
> standardised web services plugin and the iOS app. I have reached the stage
> where I would like people to test out the two and provide feedback, bugs
> reports/fixes etc. I still have to complete documentation for the web
> service calls but they are fairly straight forward.
> I am currently experiencing a two different problems. First of all, the
> river = the issue is with the readable string. At present, clients can't
> work with this flexibly because it is not known where the 'entity being
> acted on' name etc should be displayed. Any ideas would be
> appreciated. Another issue is with uploading files. Elgg does not support
> this via web services but it would be possible. I have a few ideas about how
> to get around this but, again, any suggestion would be much appreciated.
> The standardised web services have been built with iOS in mind. So, if you
> have any opinions on how content should be returned etc, please let me know.
> Web Services:
> elgg for iOS:
> Many thanks,
> Mark Harding
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