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Advanced Configuration for es-jetty

Pulkit Singhal Apr 26, 2012 5:56 AM
Posted in group: elasticsearch-jetty
@imotov - BCC'ed you since you aren't on the list yet :)

It may just be my ignorance of Jetty (though I have tried to fill the gap) but based on the REAME on github, it seems that the JettyHttpServerTransportModule is supposed to go hand in hand with JettyHttpServerTransportHandler.

But in the files provided for the advanced configuration:
... it is the FilterHttpTransportModule (yml file)which is being configured with the JettyHttpServerTransportHandler (xml file).

Is this intended? I suppose I simply don't understand the similarities and differences between JettyHttpServerTransport and FilterHttpTransportModule ... could you elaborate? Which of these two is a subset of the other? And which one is the superset in terms of functionality and features? Is there any thing that only one of them does and the other doesn't?