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Google Earth Outreach Apr 2, 2012 1:57 PM
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We've been quite busy lately! Read all about it below.

*New Google Earth Outreach website*

Need inspiration for your next map? The Google Earth Outreach website
has a totally new look and feel, including all sorts of new resources
for nonprofits and public benefit organizations. You can read stories
from organizations who've successfully used Google Earth, Google Maps
and Google SketchUp, learn how to create your own maps with our
tutorials, find which grants are available to you, and see where the
Google Earth Outreach team will be next.

Check out the website here:

Note: For our friends outside the US, we plan to roll out this new
look to all our launched countries, so look for the new design to be
added to these locations soon! For now you can check out the new
website at

*Street View for the Amazon*

Last August, the local nonprofit organization, Amazonas Sustainable
Foundation (FAS), invited members of Google Earth Outreach and Google
Street View teams to the Amazon to collect ground-level images of the
rivers, forest and communities in the Rio Negro Reserve, using the
Street View trike and a tripod camera with a fisheye lens.

Earlier this month, on World Forest Day, we made those images
available through the Street View feature on Google Maps. Now anyone
can experience the beauty and diversity of the Amazon. Take a virtual
boat ride down the main section of the Rio Negro, and float up into
the smaller tributaries where the forest is flooded.

Stroll along the paths of Tumbira, the largest community in the
Reserve, or visit some of the other communities who invited us to
share their lives and cultures. Enjoy a hike along an Amazon forest
trail and see where Brazil nuts are harvested. You can even see a
forest critter if you look hard enough!

Read more here:

*Google Earth 6.2*

Google Earth 6.2 launched in February with all sorts of interesting
and new features for nonprofits.

Sharing: Since Google Earth was created, nonprofits have used the rich
imagery to show the world the places they are passionate about. With
Google Earth 6.2, sharing these images from Google Earth has gotten
even easier. With just a few clicks, you can share a screenshot from
Google Earth right to your Google+ page. Simply sign in to your Google
+ account and click "Share" in Google Earth to show off what you

Read more here:

A seamless globe: Many nonprofits use Google Earth and Maps to display
an interactive map of the area where they work on their website. When
the imagery for that area comes from multiple sources, it can look a
bit patchy and less aesthetically pleasing from a higher zoom level.
Nonprofits have told us they wish for a way to have more uniform
imagery when looking at their area of work from above. Those of you
who can relate to this issue will be pleased to know that in Google
Earth 6.2 we’ve made enhancements to the way data is displayed to make
Google Earth imagery as seamless as possible. These changes aim to
bring in a single source of data at high altitudes, significantly
reducing patchiness from orbit.

Read more here:

Enhanced search: In Google Earth 6.2, we’ve improved the search box to
make it easier than ever to find what you are looking for in Google
Earth. You’ll be able to use biking and transit directions and more
relevant results.

Read more here:

If you haven’t already been automatically upgraded, download the
latest version.
Google Earth:
Google Earth Pro:

*Institute at the Golden Gate Workshop*

Last year, we partnered with the Institute at the Golden Gate to
convene environmental leaders spanning 40 organizations and trained
them how to use mapping technology to create powerful visual messages.
The workshop was designed based on a train-the-trainer model, in which
the goal is to empower the participants to go back and repeat the
training for others. You can read more about that workshop here.

The response to last year’s workshop was so overwhelming that the
Institute at the Golden Gate decided to host a second annual workshop
this past month. Workshop alumni from last year successfully led the
two-day training, with a little help from a few team members from the
Google Earth Outreach team. It was fantastic to see the success of the
train-the-trainer model, as last year’s participants taught a new
cohort of environmental leaders how to use Google’s mapping tools.

Learn more about the Institute at the Golden Gate:
See the workshop website:

*Nonprofit Technology Conference*

We'll be at NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco
this week from April 2 - 5 with the Google for Nonprofits team. Attend
the workshop to learn how Google products can help your nonprofit and
visit us at the Google booth.

See the schedule here: