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[ DWEL-Discuss ] BloomReach Big Data "promotional" article

Lauren Weinstein Feb 24, 2012 7:55 PM
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BloomReach Big Data "Promotional" article

I'm sending out this link in the interests of open information.  The
combination of the initial line "Are you ready for a revolution?" and
(frankly) support by Bain Capital are enough to make me unenthusiastic
about this "article" (which looks suspiciously like a press release --
as noted by at least one of the comments).

But you can judge for yourself.  We need to always keep in mind that
not only does Big Data hold enormous positive potential, it is
attracting a lot of hype as well.

BloomReach Crunches Big Data To Deliver The Future Of SEO and SEM  (TechCrunch)

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