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Re: Feedback: wishlish - Regions and Multiple Currencies

Jule Slootbeek Feb 28, 2012 7:30 PM
Posted in group: django-shop

I have done a lot of interoperability with django-shop and django-cms. See
Feel free to reach out with any questions. I'm interested in improving the interoperability for both plugins.


Jule Slootbeek

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On Feb 26, 2012, at 22:39, Mika Sjöman <> wrote:

> What is really hurting for our organisation is the fact that Satchmo
> is missing multiple-currencies and that a product has no "regions"
> settings. Using a half working forks is just to much of a mess/risk.
> For example a product in our organisation could be sold to the US but
> not to EU. Is this something you have solved for Django-Shop yet? Our
> ugly solution has become to create three shops instead; EU, US, World.
> That means that when you update the text on one of them, you wil have
> to update every single one of them plus three other languages. One
> change = nine places to change.
> What we really need is:
> 1. Sold in region (a tuple with region choices)
> 2. Multiple currencies, depending on which country the product will
> ship to (choosen by region).
> We can not have a base price, and then mark it up since the currencies
> go up and down and we are selling a brand that has to be marked at a
> specific price to not piss of our distributors. Selling it for less
> than recomended price is not an option.
> Second - its not Django-CMS compatible. And its not easy to tell a
> customer used to Django-CMS that sorry, you can not get that sleak
> interface.
> Feel stupid for asking, but I am not that good a python hacker yet to
> just look at the source-code and dig in to check what works and
> doesnt. What is your opinion - is django-shop production ready for
> these tasks? Can it be used for production?
> And once again - thanks for the wonderful work you are doing and for
> FOSS-ing it!
> Cheers Mika!