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Re: Status of this project

ChrisGlass Dec 5, 2011 5:14 AM
Posted in group: django-shop
Hi there,

Yeah theses days are a bit tense for me - I did switch countries and
jobs as you mentioned, and my internet connectivity is spotty at best
(I rely on 3g for the time being). I did miss the hackaton because of
that :(

I want to clarify that I remain committed to this project however, and
I will work through the pile of pull requests as fast as I can. I'm
not sure about Divio's commitment, but I'll ask them directly.

As for the constraints, well... that's what they are unfortunately, so
we'll try to expand the team if needed :)

Now, I'll get some time to do some stuff this afternoon/evening, so
hopefully I can pull a few things into the barn.

Best regards,

- Chris/Tribaal

On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 9:39 AM, Martin <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> recently there have been loads of pull request piling up in the repository
> and Tribaal seems to be too busy to keep up with everything in his new job /
> new country (which is totally understandable!).
> Although I am a maintainer of django-shop and do actively develop two shops,
> I am having the feeling that others have much more complex use cases for the
> software than I do, thus I am constantly confronted with fancy feature
> requests on IRC / this mailing list / in pull requests.
> I am quite good when it comes to codereviews and checking code for sanity
> but some of the issues the shop faces recently need to be thought through
> thoroughly, hopefully by more than just one person.
> Since Tribaal left Divio, I wonder if Divio still has any stakes in this
> project? Is there someone at Divio replacing Tribaal for the django-shop
> project? Does Divio even use this software and is Divio interested in the
> success of this project?
> I think we have a small community here and it would be a shame if the shop
> cannot be developed further fast enough due to time constraints of Tribaal
> and myself.
> Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!
> Cheers,
> M