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Combine localflavor apps again

Jannis Leidel May 21, 2013 5:51 AM
Posted in group: Django developers (Contributions to Django itself)
Hi all,

I'd like propose to combine all the django-localflavor-* packages - that were moved out of contrib a while ago - into a new "django-localflavor" package. None of the current maintainers would lose the commit bit. I'm ready to do the heavy lifting for that.

Ever since the localflavor apps were removed from contrib I've seen many stale ones, lingering on Github, only collecting issues and pull requests, without much guidance. We have been missing maintainers since the removal from contrib, even if some of the core developers helped out every once in a while. Recently we added a few more maintainers for each of those packages since they asked for it, which is great. But frankly I think that's not enough. Up until now only 7 of the 44 localflavor on have been re-released on PyPI as separate packages. In other words, we have a success rate of handing over the maintainership of ~15%. I think that's because there is a lot of maintenance friction for each package.

With the split in packages we also broke the maintenance of translations of those localflavors, by removing those apps from the previously well established workflow using Transifex and left it to the maintainers to find a way. Especially for that kind of app a rather glaring mistake, IMO.

We also stopped being able to re-use code between localflavors, for example cryptographic code about ID validation, which in my opinion is a security liability that alone should be reason enough to have only one package.

There was also never a clear plan for releasing or deprecation of localflavor packages, which is the opposite to what we've been doing in the past with our release policy.

So what I propose to fix this is simple:

- combine the localflavor packages into one Python package again, call it django-localflavor
- give all the individual country maintainers also access to that package
- have a central documentation, e.g.
- update the Django docs to point to that package
- ask the maintainers of the 7 already released packages to point to the newly created django-localflavor

What do you think?