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Re: Form Rendering API Proposal

Gregor Müllegger Jun 24, 2011 2:45 AM
Posted in group: Django developers (Contributions to Django itself)
Hi Benoît,

2011/6/24 Benoît Bryon <>:
> Le 23/06/2011 13:25, Idan Gazit a écrit :
> I'm still not convinced by the {% form myform hidden "honeypot" %} syntax.

I have also not convinced Idan for this :-) (including many other aspects of
my earlier proposal). So we sat down, creating the new proposal you've read in
the first message in this mailing thread. The "old" proposal, as in my
lightning talk, is outdated now. We want to discuss the new one here.

> Isn't it a duplicate of {% widget HiddenInput for form.honeypot %} and its
> {% formconfig %} equivalent?

Yep :)

> With a similar syntax we would write shortcuts like {% form not hidden
> "honeypot" %} or {% form textarea "honeypot" %}... I guess those are bad
> ideas.
> Benoit

We should have mentioned that in a clear way. Sorry for the confusion.

Gregor Müllegger