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1.7 Release Schedule

Andrew Godwin Dec 9, 2013 12:00 PM
Posted in group: Django developers (Contributions to Django itself)
Hi everyone,

It's time to talk 1.7. We had a core discussion recently and I've stepped forward to release manage 1.7, and so please direct all criticism or issues my way! I'll be using some of my Kickstarter time to help push things through and get a release out bang on schedule, so hopefully things will go smoothly.

Here's the timeline we're planning:

  January 20th: 1.7 alpha
  March 6th: 1.7 beta
  May 1st: 1.7 release candidate
  May 15th: Final release (assuming a second release candidate is not needed)

We will feature-freeze and branch off a release branch as we roll the beta, and any features that aren't in by this date _will_ have to wait. The good news is that there's quite a few great features on the horizon and likely to be in by that date, so it's going to be a great release whatever happens.

Any objections/comments, speak up, otherwise this is our final schedule!