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Who is doing DIYbio worldwide? Need to know for TED talk.

EJ May 16, 2012 10:06 AM
Posted in group: DIYbio
I'm giving a TED talk at TED Global in Edinburgh, Scotland at the end of June. It was specifically requested by the organizers that I speak not about Genspace alone but that I emphasize the accomplishments of the worldwide DIYbio community. I've contacted the groups that I know about and that are listed on the main DIYbio site page that has links to them. But I'd like to know if any other groups are out there that I have not contacted.

My purpose is to showcase awesomeness from or community in a manner understandable by laypersons. I will be presenting an image from each DIYbio group of what they think is their most "mediagenic" accomplishment or activity. I only have 12 minutes for the whole talk, so I have to distill it down to one picture/short movie for each group. I can't use material off of DIY groups' websites without their permission.

Anyone out there who wants to contact me about this can email me at If they decide to post the talk (and it's my understanding that all mainstage talks get posted eventually) then it behooves us to put our best foot forward.