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Re: why so many forks?

Sarah Mei Feb 23, 2012 5:55 AM
Posted in group: diaspora-discuss
The groups in its current implementation on Pistos' fork feels a little bolted on - meaning it doesn't feel integrated with the rest of the site. We'd need to rethink the interactions before reimplementing

Maybe the easiest way to go about it would be to come to one of our code chats in IRC, and discuss with us what you'd like to do. 

On Wednesday, February 22, 2012, rek2 wrote:
Thanks for your response.. Im still a bit confused but not as much. I think groups is an important social feature.. lot of my friends
are activists and programmers and the funtion of groups to have a place for inside talk is very important at the time of organizing.. I do not thing diaspora is ready to be able to do reach-out like facebook but it does and potencially has all the attributes(but groups) for activists to be able to be safe/secure/private when they talk between eachother..

I am willing to start developing or integrate groups from other forks on the diaspora main tree, I just want to know that if I actually put the work on it, it will at least get considered..