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Re: Meteor revisited

Tyler Renelle Jul 27, 2012 2:18 PM
Posted in group: Derby
Update, looks like it's a lot harder to use npm modules in Meteor than I originally thought: . First i thought "they just don't use npm, but you can if you want" - not the case. Huuuuge blow imo

On Monday, 23 July 2012 14:12:09 UTC-4, Tyler Renelle wrote:
(Disclaimer: I don't mean for this to seem dissenting, neither do I mean to catalyze the Derby developers - but to discuss points important for evaluation.)

Back in the day when I chose Derby over Meteor, the battle was anyone's game. Meteor has always had a larger following (4k|330 follows|forks respectively) than Derby (1k|50); however, the big Derby incentive was it seemed to follow more closely community standards. Derby uses NPM, Meteor has it's own packaging. Derby deploys to standard hosting, Meteor has it's own cloud. Furthermore, Derby was built by the makers of EveryAuth - so with Authentication a future milestone of both frameworks, Derby seemed the most likely candidate.

Recently Meteor released Authentication. This includes Facebook & Google login. This shook my decision a bit (I already have a Derby app built, waiting on auth before I promote), so after a discussion in #derbyjs here are some points to consider in comparing the two frameworks. 
  • Meteor Pros
    • Now has Auth
    • $9M funding
    • Huge following (4k|330 follows|forks)
    • Direct Mongo access (1-to-1 function mapping. You don't have to learn an ORM/API, and you can do all the stuff you're used to in Mongo)
  • Meteor Cons
    • "Walled Garden" - own packaging, hosting, modules - stricter limitations that Derby
    • No ORM/API for database - worse for conflict resolution / other-db providers. Any other thing worth noting here?
  • Derby Pros
    • Better support for hosting & NPM modules - less limiting in general than Meteor
    • Conflict resolution with Racer
    • It seems to me: better code-sharing?
  • Derby Cons
    • Smaller following
    • Small developer network. Nate & Brian are busy dudes - incredibly bang-up developers who have have delivered impossibly given the circumstances, but it's hard to compete with $9m funding
    • No authentication.
I may be wrong on many of these points, and I have yet to even use Meteor. Me and some of the IRC guys decided we would take it for a spin & report back with what we think, but just thought it would be useful to re-open the conversation to hear what others may have experienced.  Here are some more discussions on the topic: