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Re: [derby-makers] Re: PCB Etching

Graeme Sep 30, 2012 8:33 AM
Posted in group: Derby Makers
This is the method I used to use. To be honest it was not as easy as the article may suggest and I tended to ruin many sheets by not ironing enough or ironing too much. In the end I bought the light box on eBay for about £50 and never looked back. The iron on method is great for 'one off'......'once in a while' etching but any more than that and you soon get frustrated....I did anyway.

You can buy the blue sheets specifically for the toner transfer method....but seem to remember that they are not cheap.  Some people claim to have used photo paper but it never worked for me.

having said all that ...I do only have the UV light box because I found a cheap one.....not convinced I would have been allowed to spend over £100 for a new one!