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Re: visting 'derby makers' and assistance sourcing polyester resin

robin paulson Sep 26, 2012 2:40 AM
Posted in group: Derby Makers
hi all,
thanks for hosting me last night, it was great to meet you all, and see where the maker scene is going in derby.

there were a few things we talked about last night, unfortunately there were so many names i can't recall who said what
* the web address of our spaces in auckland are: - you may also want to check this page, to see our projects past, present and future:
and (this group is very young, less than a month, so the site is only on meetup at the moment)
* to the guy who was talking about the dunedin space, the person in our group doing the inter-space community stuff is jaco van der merwe. i'm sure he's been in touch with them.
* i found the place that does the polyester resin for my casting, cheers for suggesting that
* could you point me to some of the photos from your 'what if?'/rube goldberg machines? they looked fascinating, and it's something we have tried with not much success so far in auckland. perhaps we can get some inspiration from your ideas?

* there was some other stuff, which i've forgotten. please remind if possible



On Monday, September 24, 2012 2:27:55 PM UTC+1, robin paulson wrote:
Hi Derby Makers,
My name's Robin, and I'm visiting Derby for the next few weeks. I'm involved in two maker spaces in Auckland, New Zealand called Tangle Ball [1] and DIYbio [2] and am taking the opportunity to visit other maker spaces wherever i go. I'd like to visit your space, and gather there is a meet tomorrow, the 25th of September. Is it OK for me to visit, and is there a donation required, of snacks or money?

On a second note, i'm doing some casting while i'm over here, and wonder if someone can advise on getting supplies. I'm looking for some polyester resin, the sort that needs an activator to make it set, like Norski 'Kleer-Kast', which is a resin i use in New Zealand [3].

Would any of you know where to source this type of material in Derby or Burton, or surroundings? I've done some web searches, but not come up with anything useful so far.