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Re: [CUL] Re: Abus CFA-1000

Ernst Cozijnsen Nov 17, 2011 2:41 AM
Posted in group: CUL fans
Ho... Hold... impossible? everything is possible but its just a matter of time ;-)

The downside is that when it gets public you would be able to crack all the houses that have these locks installed. That would be a bit shitty for the people involved and Abus ;-)

As i found on the internet there are more ways to interface with the lock since you have a connector on the bottom. I'm exchanging some code with a spanish guy and hopefully within a few week.... there will be more.



On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 10:33, sunfreak <> wrote:
Hi Ernst,

AFAIK is the Abus door lock an OEM product of the ELV Keymatic IQ+
So its working with rolling codes.
In the FHEM forum was a discussion about the possibilities to connect
with a CUL to this device. Its more or less impossible and make no
sense out of security reasons.

Only my 2 cents ... ;-)


On Nov 16, 1:33 pm, Ernst Cozijnsen <> wrote:
> I was reading the manual of my Abus RF lock and i noticed that the RF
> transmission is done on 868,35Mhz AM
> As i understood from previous emails this is the slow-RF mode on which FS20
> is also functioning.
> My question is why cant i see any messages if the frequency and the
> modulation are correct.
> --
> Mvgr,,
> Ernst Cozijnsen

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