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Re: Second Public Draft available.

Chris Griego Nov 11, 2008 9:56 PM
Posted in group: CSSDOC
In Appendix D, the suggested Firefox abbreviation should follow the
recommendations put out by the Mozilla Foundation and be "fx". I'm not
sure of the canonical URL, but it is mentioned in the 1.5 Release

'How do I capitalize Firefox? How do I abbreviate it?
Only the first letter is capitalized (so it's Firefox, not FireFox.)
The preferred abbreviation is "Fx" or "fx".'

Chris Griego

On Nov 10, 4:01 pm, mot <> wrote:
> Hello all in the list,
> last night we were abe to put the second public draft online -
> finally. It is about one year ago since the first public draft has
> been made public. The document changed a lot and we are now looking to
> get more feedback. If you are intereseted feel free to grab yourself a
> copy:
> The document is still full of editorial notes but we finished the list
> of all tags, reworked the concept of application defined tags (now
> third party tags) added a (hopefully) better description for CSS-hacks
> related tags and many other things. And now, we are waiting for all
> your comments, questions and feedback.
> Next to the file, the website got a little touch-up to reflect the
> updated information.
> Best wishes,
> Timo Derstappen
> Dirk Jesse
> Tom Klingenberg
> --
> http.//