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Re: Command-line client?

Shinuza Jun 22, 2011 2:19 PM
Posted in group: CSS Lint
You can clone CSSLint from, cd to build/npm and run npm
install -g in there.
You can also dos2unix the cli.js file that npm installs if you can
locate it.

 The version currently in the repo should be published to npm this
week end.

On Jun 22, 10:16 pm, Eric Wendelin <> wrote:
> @Brian:
> Looks like the node cli will hopefully get some love for 0.3.0, which is
> good because it doesn't seem to be working for at least a few of us on Mac
> or *nix. Note that this is also only a problem if you get csslint from npm
> (as far as I've seen).
> @Nicolas:
> +1 on this feature and great work on the tool. I'm integrating csslint with
> my Jenkins CI and will have to write a patch to produce JSLint-compatible
> XML for reporting if one hasn't been made already.
> Cheers,
> Eric