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cpp-netlib 0.9.4 Now Available!

Dean Michael Berris Apr 20, 2012 10:54 AM
Posted in group: The C++ Network Library
Hot off the presses, you can get it here:

This contains:
- lots of fixes to the URI implementation
- fixes to the async server implementation
- addressing nagging failures with SSL and Asio error reporting

This was tested on Mac OS X Lion using GCC 4.2.

Note: this is the last release for the 0.9 line and I'll basically be
merging the deanberris/cpp-netlib repo into the official
cpp-netlib/cpp-netlib repo and will be developing exclusively with the
1.0 release in mind.

I'll send more details on the plan later on. In the meantime, please
use 0.9.4 instead of 0.9.3.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed to getting cpp-netlib in better
shape across the board.

Now we can start on the C++11 features and making cpp-netlib more awesome!


Dean Michael Berris
Technical Solutions Engineer