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Re: Two Inspiring Founders of Coworking/Collaborative Workspaces profiled in

Beth Buczynski Apr 4, 2012 9:49 AM
Posted in group: Coworking
I'm confused...Benjamin goes to such great lengths to say that Grind
isn't a coworking space because it's not "an incubator or an
accelerator" and that the "chairs, the tables, the real-estate,
renting a seat or a desk are secondary to constructing a strong
community." That sounds EXACTLY like true coworking to me! While
coworking spaces can act like incubators, the spaces that exist purely
to facilitate this aren't necessarily committed to the community
aspects that set coworking apart from every other type of work space.
On a related but unrelated note, Grind's pop-up coworking space during
SxSW was really great. Anyone else check it out?


On Apr 3, 8:07 pm, David Singer <> wrote:
> David Judson, the proprietor long form
> interview of founders of starups has included two piorneering
> coworking/collaborative workspace founders in his series: Benjamin
> Dyett, founder of Grind [] and Jenifer Ross,
> Founder of W@tercooler [].  I highly recommend
> these reads -- both of these individuals have inspired me to do a deep
> dive into exploring coworking on multiple levels.  The links to the
> interviews are here:
> Benjamin Dyett:
> Jenifer Ross:
> David A.